2 February 2009


Can you believe that it is February already?? So i am back finally online again, just starting to catch up on things. We are all moved into my mums house (we have kicked her out lol) and are all settled except that we have heaps to organise, like boxes and furniture that is being stored in the shed. It has been so hot here so we haven't done much of anything. Yesterday we signed the building contract so things might finally start happening, it feels like it has taken so long but we changed builders and these builders have been very fast really. So now were on to the fun part of selecting everything (this is the fun part for me anyway Paul is not so thrilled about it) i started looking at all the catalogues last night and it did get a little overwhelming trying to make sure everything matches.

I feel like it is time to get back into scrapbooking and get some cards made too- i have been getting a bit frustrated with the fact that i just want to do girly lo and i have two boys..... think i need to build a bridge ?? lol. Here is just a quick valentines day card too :

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kathie said...

Ah, someone else who feels my frustrations. I struggle with the not being able to use girly product too, you know? Don't know the answer really.

You have been busy, what with moving and all. Good luck with choosing all the products for the new house.

I just nominated you for a blog award too.