4 February 2009

there is an extra room in my mouth!!

It feels so strange... Yesterday i finally got my braces off, my tongue actually fits in my mouth now. I had the top braces on the inside of my teeth (so you couldn't see them) which made it harder to talk and food would get all stuck in them etc Yesterday i got them off and it is so strange, it feels so new and weird. AND I LOVE IT!! i have had so much work done to my teeth including a new implant in the front because my tooth died when i was younger. i was running in class as a kid and i tripped over a chair and broke the tooth in half horizontally on a table , my own fault but i have had to go through lots of operations and fixes trying to keep it, then my body tried to reject it, then while i had my braces done it snapped right out. Long story short i now have a FABULOUS new tooth that looks just like a real one and nice straight teeth it feels finally all worth it :)

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Sharon said...

Hi Amie, I am staying at the Newcastle Studio Apartments from wed to Fri and then again sun to tuesday. THe phone number is: 0408680186. They are located in Broadmeadow which is fairly close to the city centre. You can email me if you need any further info.. BTW they only accept a minimum of 4 nights stay, which suited me as I am flying in on Wed.