30 March 2009

little lukey kookie

Luke is almost walking now, it seems to be taking him quite some time, He is not saying much either only, mummy daddy and nanna. He has about eight teeth coming through At ONCE, so he has been a bit of a grizzly bum lately. He loves playing any games that are tickling games he has the cutest chuckle and loves giving kisses. When paul gets home there is no one else that he wants, he loves his daddy and will have a better attempt at walking when paul is home. Though the other day he took about seven very small steps that were more like stamps than steps lol. he has been taking about two steps then falling down for a few months now. Everything is in his own time. We love him dearly

And this is a clock that i made for my mother as a thankyou gift, she had this poem/saying bluetacked to her wall for about 9 years now and i thought it was time for an update :)

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