17 March 2009

This week...

Yay!!! I am having a much nicer week this week. And my weekend was fabbo. On Saturday we took a trip to the shops and i managed to pick up a new scrapbooking tote for $12 and a tool carry tote for $5 and a whole pile of other things- well I was happy anyway. Then on Sunday we hopped in the car and drove down to Goowa where our 4wd got stuck in the sand because a crazy person drove straight for us and we had to stop. Anyway three young guys came along and dug the car out then helped push us out!! Then we headed down to victor where Blake had a fun time playing on the playground there- which is a cool playground it has a real train which Blake loved and a playground train which has like a recording of train noises , Blake thought that was pretty cool, it also had like a pirate ship and a speed boat.

Then Blake saw these little electric cars and Paul and I couldn't help ourselves...Blake LOVED it!!
Also last week i made myself a new purse with some left over denim fabric

I also made a new bag with some pretty butterfly fabric i will have to take a piccy ...next time or maybe today if i get the chance. bye :)

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Simon Scales said...

very exciting news that you had a fabbo weekend - just made my day