17 April 2009

Catch up

This is a bit of a long post but oh well.......
These are some of the layouts from the shop and crop retreat the above ones are from Kathie Links class and the one below is from Alison Shearer's Class. You can buy these kits at http://www.shopandcrop.com.au I thoroughly enjoyed making all of them... and the others that i still need to complete ;)

This is my name tag - just thought i would share

Cool Dude is a layout that i completed at the escape, Blake loves those sunglasses

I have been having fun with photos of Blake atm, this photo of the layout doesn't quite show the apple juice dripping down his face and his grubby little chin
Today Blake told Paul a story about two bears, a daddy bear and a little boy bear , and the boy bear was screaming and the daddy told him 'NO'
He is growing up too fast, we have been reading lots of books lately and he now knows his colours, number and his shapes, including diamond, square, circle, oval triangle etc.... so u can imagine the conversations that go on in this house at the moment... What shape do you want your toast cut into? What colour do you want in the bath ( answer: yellow and blue to make green).
Luke has also been coming along in the last few days. Today he played catch with nanny and bake on the grass with a small plastic ball and did fantastically well he was throwing the ball while standing up then sitting down and catching a ball that was being rolled to him. HE had a fabulous time after getting past his fears. he is always scared ...
Ali if you are reading this would you please please please email me that website we were talking about that would be fantastic.


Julie said...

Hi there Amy!
It was great to meet you at the S&C retreat!...we had great fun didn't we???
Love the "cool dude" LO!

Sharon said...

Love your layouts Amy. REally love the apple one!! Very creative.