7 April 2009

I am back

So I returned home form the shop and crop escape last night. I had the most fantastic time!! All the girls were so positive and happy and fun to be around. My boys were all so happy to see me, all three of them (the big one included) couldn't get enough of me, which was unusual but very nice, they had missed me very much. But I couldn't believe that my house was tidy, dishes were done and washing had been done WOW!!!

Also I have to say thank you to Kathie Link for being a fantastic travel partner- we wouldn't have gotten home without you LOL ;)

And thank you to Sharon for being a beautiful roomie.

And thank you to all the online girls who were all just fantastic, inspiring and just amazing.

I will post some photos of the things i made when i get a chance

1 comment:

Sharon said...

It was so good meeting you Amie and thanks for being my roomie. Really glad you enjoyed yourself. It's good for the soul to get away and have some time to yourself!!!! (and even better when you get home)LOL