28 April 2009

Lukalicous not delicious

Sorry for the pixel photos , i don't know what happened there. Anyway gave myself a challenge today and that was to scrap using only these products and my tools and to photograph the journey. It was fun! I find that sometimes i get bogged down just by the fact that i have far too much scrapping stuff and sometimes i am not as creative as i could be just because it is easier to pick up a product and use it rather than make something yourself...Check our the mess i had made by the end (i really need to go clean that up :D ) oh and check out those hideous tiles my mum has on her bench top lol. She is gonna renovate when we get out of her house..O O O and a house update- construction phase is about to start this week YAY YAY
By the way My little boy is walking every where now!!!!! Every time he walks into a room now it freaks me out still ;P

1 comment:

kathie said...

LOL, you said it wouldn't be long til he walked!
Great news about the house building. I hope it all goes smoothly.