22 April 2009

Little Lukalicous

As he is known in our house. I'm sure Blake is going to start telling people that that is Luke's real name- Lukalicous...

Look how cute my baby is OMG he finally smiled for a piccy. Yesterday we had a beautiful day, the boys played outside together and it was just really nice. Later Luke walked from the couch to the door (about three metres )!!!!!! I couldn't believe my eyes, I was saying "walk to mummy walk to mummy" his little face lit up and he just did it. This is a huge milestone for him, he has been taking one or two steps or even 4 or5 but never this many he just usually falls on his butt. I am so proud of him. He has had a growth spurt and is a little taller and is 'talking' more now, at least he is using his voice more. He is 1 and a half now and i have to say that i have been a little worried about him, but each time he has a spurt my heart rests for a little then i start to worry all over again. Blake is such a bull at the gate and did everything on time if not a little early that it is hard not to worry about Luke.
I love you at the moment Luke you are such a happy little boy xxxxxOOOO

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