2 April 2009


Ok so the colours are all wrong, the red ribbon should be pink, but i really don't have time to fix it up ;) i am headed to Newcastle tomorrow to go to shop and crops scrapbooking escape and i am soooooo excited, i have never been to anything like this before and have never even taken a scrapbooking class so it is gonna be Super Fun ! :)

When i get back i will share the ATC's that i made and my cute name tag. Till then MWAH


Simon Scales said...

nice page - looks great!

kathie said...

Hi! I'm excited too :)
I got your pink hat... and if you're looking for me in the list of passengers for our flight (that is, if you want to tell them that you want to sit with me), I'm booked under my maiden name - Kathie Hurst. See you tomorrow morning.