21 April 2009


This is what i have really been doing lately.
I have had so much fun making these kimono style pajamas for Blake, I first saw them on a blog, but i cant remember where but i know that you can buy them here :http://www.duckcloth.com.au/category.php?category_id=117.

The pattern arrived in the mail the very next day so I was straight off to spotlight. ANY WAY the first one has a racing car pattern on the flannelet fabric, the second are just a cotton fabric and have helicopters on them. They were very easy to sew , the first one took me almost all day but only because i couldn't get my head around the instructions. I usually sew out of my head so i don't use the correct terms for things, so that took me a while. The second pair took about two hours so you could definitely whip up some pj's in an evening. And the pants are super easy! i think i might use the same pattern to make some tracky pants for Blake.

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