6 August 2009

At the moment

While we are living at my mums while the new house is being built, I have all of my scrapping and crafting supplies in the Kitchen hidden behind her old wooden cupboards. My mum has an oldish kitchen and being that she was a single mother hasn't been able to replace it until now- when we move out she is going to renovate some of the house , good thing too cos the boys have damaged some things a little. We have two families stuff crammed into one small living space. Luke's cot is in the Dining room (which before we moved in was a dining room then converted into my brothers room when i was younger) he has been shoved in between boxes of things that cant get wet and a dining room table. He doesn't mind, the boys don't play in there he only sleeps in there.Blake is in my old room that has now been painted whitish colour and just doesn't feel like my old room any more. Our bedroom is crammed with boxes of old stuff and stuff that i have been buying for the new house. So any way because we are crammed in I get all of my painting, sewing, drawing and scrapping done on the kitchen bench, i kinda like it on the kitchen bench it is a really nice height. I spend most of my time in the kitchen, we have a couch a small dining table, a tv and a cd player. I am happy here.I don't think my mum and Paul are so happy about it when they come home and there is paint on the kitchen bench lol. My mums house is a place where i feel so safe and comforted a place where i can be me and no one can hurt me here.

The downside of being here is knowing that we haven't been in our own home since Blake was one - by the time we get there it will almost have been 3 years, and it has been a real stress on us, just at first we were worrying about weather to sell our house or not, then once we did there was a time when Paul regretted selling it ( even though by that time we had had Luke and there wouldn't have been enough room for all of us anyway ) Then finally deciding to build rather than buy after doing the house hunting thing, then choosing a more expensive builder and going through the process only to realize that it wasn't worth it for us and wasn't what we wanted to then change to a mainstream builder. I have in some ways enjoyed the process- living in the Adelaide hills was something i always wanted to do and Paul's work has been just where we have wanted to be. And since we started the building process i have l loved being able to choose EVERYTHING !! But i just feel like i am going to explode now because i am so EXCITED to be in the new house.

So many conversations that Paul and i have star with "when we are in the new house"
should i give you some of our everyday wishes......

When we are in the new house...
we wont have to tippy toe past the boys bedrooms at night to go to the toilet
we will have a big oven not a tiny little convection oven
I will have my very own studio
I will be able to decorate
we will not be so squished
i wont have to wash so many dishes i will have a dishwasher
we will have our furniture back
we will be able to have a shower in the morning without waking the boys
We will find things that i packed three years ago and have forgotten about- it will be like Christmas !!! :)

So I will have to post some pictures of the house going up..... I think today or yesterday the bricks have or are going up we will soon be at lock up stage. YAY

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