13 August 2009

The house - part one i guess

The New House has started to consume me. I spend so much of my time thinking about it ! I cant help myself, I am so excited !!! Ok so this is the block, which is on quite a slope and is quite a large bock, the boys will have lots of room to run around an play. Paul would love to have a large amount of land and have cows but i dont think i can see myself chasing after cows when they get into the wrong paddock. ANYWAY so we had to get a large retaining wall put in ( somehow in the process the next door neighbours fence got damaged so we will have to get that all fixed up) Those rocks are rellly big- almost up to my head.

This is the front of the block, as you can see we look up onto a hill that is farming land- often there are sheep there, we also had to cut into the block , just to the right of this photo there is a massive rock that continues all the way to the road- our driveway has to go around it.The slab went down and we were so excited, we did have champaign on the slab with pauls family. We have some beautiful windows at the back of the house that look out on to that view of the hills on the other side of the town- i belive that is farming land also - hopefully we will keep our views..... So officially the bricks are going up but i think that is enough photos for today- i have to track the others down they are all over the place :)

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Simon Scales said...

nice house - it looks like it would be comfy on that concrete slab :)
oh BTW i think that page of caitlin is your best one yet :)
thanks for your comment on my blog too
did you like that environment painting hey??? it was a bit diff to normal.....
see ya on the weekend ....maybe :)