14 August 2009

Moving fast -Part two

This is the back of the house with the frame up without the roof trusses (is that what they are called?), the bricks are sitting there waiting to go up. I think we are gonna build a deck that goes out over those rocks, i am a little worried about the boys falling down there so Paul will be building something as soon as we move in, hopefully there is enough time between moving in and Christmas ;)
This is from the front, I love that there is so much sky out there...
Obviously the roof frame is now on the gutters are up in this piccy, the windows are in, and though you cant see it there are some bricks up around the garage.

Mum is taking us up there tomorrow- i have been getting a bit sick of driving up there on my own, Paul has been at work, he works up near the house..... tomorrow i will have some new photos.

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Shelley said...

Its looking great Amie! Coming along nice and quick. Love the progress pics!