31 October 2009

A birthday Note

Today was my twenty sixth birthday, and I had a fabulous birthday full of surprises , laughter and lots of delightful pressies (and even some delicious ice cream). BTW I have the most amazing sweet husband who made a perfect day for me. At the end of the day I was faced with the question "what do i really want?" see sometimes i struggle with the everydayness of my life- is it going anywhere? am I making a mark on the world? am I achieving anything really?

After a little thinking about it and after i calmed my heart down I realised that there is one thing that motivates me everyday, every single day I cant escape it I cant run away from it I cant stop it. And that is TO MAKE, i don't think of myself as an artist or even a crafter I think I think of myself as a MAKER. ( some days i even wonder if i have been a bad mother by spending time making and not with my children, but the call is just so strong, what can a girl do??) If I could take the making one step further I would love to sell what I make, I would love to bring pleasure to others in some way.

This is the truth of my heart and I have been fighting it trying to find some way to fill it, mask it, rearrange it to fit others ideas.

So I think it is time for an update, refresh and make some goals for this year ahead......I am not exactly sure what those goals should be or where they will take me, but i am willing to go on the ride.


Simon Scales said...

Happy Birthday!!!!! i think you should open a store called 'Makety Make'

Julie said...

Happy Belated Birthday Amie!!
Glad you had a lovely day.

Good on you for deciding to follow your dreams and to just be who you are...it's not always an easy thing to do. :)