27 October 2009

catching up

I made one more lazy day skirt but am yet to wear it, I am loving it though i think i might wear it on my birthday( i know it needs an iron )....not long now YAY :P last night I managed to finish this painting .... What do you think???????

I have also be participating in Jen Halls class, Octoberfest 2009, I am not up to date but I am on the way. If you would like to join in check out Jens blog... I think registration is still open. I am not very good with links so i will just put her blog in my sidebar.
day one

day two
day three

day fourday five

so there has been a little crafting going on around here :)

1 comment:

Julie said...

Love your painting Amie...it's so sweet and I love it's colourfulness!!

The LO's you've done in Jen's class are fab too!