8 December 2009


you know when you have news that you just get so excited about........

Seriously I just want to get a ladder out climb up onto my roof and scream at the top of my lungs...


I cant believe it finally.
my carpet went down yesterday
they will be finishing everything off this week
early next week they will put the septic tank in
then pre handover is next Thursday
final handover is Monday (21st)
then we can move on in
yes it is gonna be a tight squeeze moving in just before Christmas
but i don't care
i just wanna be in our home for Christmas
and we will be

you know what is sad though
Paul worked till midnight last night so we didn't get to share the excitement of the news together
and there is no one around to be excited with
so if you are reading this...
imagine you are holding both my hands
and we are JUMPING UP AND DOWN TOGETHER like teenage girls -hee hee ( or like i do almost every week when something makes me happy

guess i should find some pictures for you

this is the bathroom- those feature tiles are so pretty , the photo doesn't do them justice, they have swirls flowers and butterflies on them ! love them!I think i have said it before- I played it safe with the kitchen- I would change it if i had my time over and be bolder but that's ok i will accessorise and make it pretty. I do love those glass cupboard doors thoughThe view from my kitchen is sweet- love love loveand the en suite has the same feature tiles as the bathroom but in grey- the laundry has the same but in blue.

I couldn't find a piccy of the front of the house with all the paintwork done... will have to post later :)


Simon Scales said...

looking good

Julie said...

How wonderful that you and your family will be in your new house for Christmas!!..perfect timing I'd say!
You've been sewing up a storm I see...the clutch purses are stunning!
You should set up an Etsy or Madeit shop Amie to sell your sewing goodies.
Have a great Christmas!!