12 December 2009

this december we made

Some memories....
Since I am fast running out of things to do/create/make - simply because I am packing away all of my fun stuff, today i finally packed away my sewing stuff. I thought i might share some photos with you four readers :) (one of those included my brother- see I am a looser :P just kidding) And so that once i get into the new house i can use these to complete my 25 Christmas things book ....Putting up my mums little but very pretty Christmas tree (and i will be putting up ours very fast in the new house)Blake making Christmas wishes - if you have seen the polar express then you will know what he is doingPutting Christmas stickers all over our face and esp. on our eyelidsMaking Christmas muffin AND EATING THEM......ALL!!Making Santa drawingsAnd Christmas tree drawings

Building thingsBuilding things together- spending time together.

We have also been listening to lots of Christmas music and reading some Christmas stories which have been really fun for Blake

love mamie xxxx


Ali said...

Oh yeah, I'm doing the happy dance here and I'm jumping up and down and squealing - can you hear me?! Two days til you move in woo hoo :)

I really enjoyed looking at your 'doing things' pics too. Everyone looked so happy - love this time of year.

Take care chickie - can't wait to see the next pics of you guys in your house. Axx

Julie said...

Such fab photos Amie!!...I can see plenty of LOs in your future, in your new house! lol!

Is it moving day today???...hope it went well...enjoy your first night in the house with your beautiful family!!

Julie xx