18 February 2010

finally some house photos

hey there, so i have taken some photos of the house, just a few the rest of the house is a but messy at this time of the day- they boys have toys and bits and pieces out and my scrappin room is a bit messy from scrapping. I think i am gonna babble a bit today so feel free to skip through :)

So this is the entrance, I am only half happy with this are , am only half happy with a lot of areas because they still need lots of finishing off with decorating and some furniture and pictures on the wall etc (btw i feel sorry for the removalists who eventually move us out of this house because the removalists who moved us in here could not believe the amount of stuff we have - every time i buy a new piece of furniture i think of them :) Anyway that 'nook' as we like to call it on the left of the photo still needs a piece of furniture, hoping to put something that will be a place to put our keys etc when we arrive home. The second nook, the little one right in front, I just painted that 'vermilion' this past weekend. I bought the leaves and the vase while we were away in Robe- I finally found a vase that is thin enough to fit in the nook and heavy enough that the boys wont knock it over easily- though i think i will still fill it with rocks or something . The leaves are SO pretty they are all shimmery and metallicy- the lacy ones are Divine.SO HAPPY that i found them, I have some matching flowers that are just as pretty but am yet to find a vase to put them in that suits them.Ok so the kitchen is not that tidy- dishes to put away but that is as good as it gets at least until the boys go to bed. The cupboard with the chopping block is still yet to be changed it is supposed to be pot drawers...still waiting for them to come change it......

Things i love about this kitchen: the oven is so huge and cooks amazingly well, i have never seen a home oven cook cakes so evenly and perfectly. The vegi spray tap which pulls out from the outlet and you can clean things - i constantly use it it also has a switch that either sprays or just comes out normal- i am not explaining this very well am i hee heeee So loving having my dishwasher back after three years (when i met paul he worked at a dish washing factory and we got this one real cheap- it is fantastic. I even got the man who can fix it :P )

OH OH my floors are wood look vinyl and i am so happy i choose them over floating floors with my two MESSY boys, I have heard with floating that they can bubble if wet stuff gets on them so this has been perfect and they are real easy to clean.

I ALSO LOVE my kitchen window it has a fantastic view. At night when we are about to go to bed there has been the occasion that one of us comes out for a drink or something without turning the lights on - our small town has no street lights really, you can see so many stars from our window absolutely gorgeous!!!

The bedroom to me at the end of the day feels like going to a hotel room. In mount torrens(where we lived before my mums) we lived in a huge old house and our bedroom was at one end of the house and the bathroom at the other with big old creaky cold floorboards- not a fun trip when you are preggers in the middle of winter. Then at my mums she has VERY creaky floorboards which right past both the boys rooms and woke them sometimes- paul had to shower very early in the morning just so he wouldn't wake them (sometimes 3 am!!) . Having an en suite is jump up and down joy. and a huge wir as well. I still need a panting above the bed don't you think??
This last one is a photo from the middle bay window in our bedroom. there is a road in between those fences that the pasture grass is hiding- just over that hill we had a bush fire a couple of weeks back- it freaked everyone out, it went for seven kms and it was like watching pearl harbour with planes flying close overhead and fire trucks racing past our house- it came within 1 km of the town (we are on the very outskirts of this little town), was deliberately lit- we all got that phone call to leave. I think i need to be a little more prepared for this event in the future.anyway we are all safe and sound no one got hurt- thank god . Think paul needs to cut the pasture grass :P
We are really loving it here and all finally feel settled in our own home- it feels so so good to be HOME!!

is that too much ??

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