12 February 2010

handmade bags

My husband has pushed me to sell some of my bags- one first just to get me started, he particularly likes this one. So we will see. My fingers are crossed and I am not exactly sure what to think right now. If you are interested it is listed over on ebay under handmade bags :)


Julie said...

Well good on you Amie!...it's a gorgeous bag, I'm sure it'll get snapped up...you just have to believe in yourself, your hubby obviously does!! :)

Love all your fabulous LO's too!

Sounds like you and your family are very happy in your new home...I'm so glad for you!!

Any chance you'll be coming to the S&C retreat this year??

Ali said...

I agree - be positive Amie, that is one fabulous bag! You'll be famous before you know it ;)