2 March 2010

a goal for march

I feel like i haven't been round here much so i thought i would set myself a little goal: posting every single day of March. Generally even though i don't photograph it there is something creative happening everyday here. And i know that there are heaps of you out there who are doing the 365 photo a day thing- i don't think that i would be able to stick to that so a smaller goal it is :)

Yesterday i would have to say that most of my creativeness went into straightening my hair ( and half way through i had one side straight and one side curly and OMG my hair has grown- i have been trying to grow it for almost a year now and it is a little slow but seems even slower when you have curly hair, all the length just springs up!) painting my nails a baby pink colour and putting on some makeup. Actually putting some effort in to myself for a change, it was fun playing and feels so good to have a little freshen up ;)

By the way that is some of my scrappin room behind me, the bookcase is from ikea and i LOOOVVE it!! and the canvas and easel that i have been displaying my lo's on recently- it is so nice to have them out for a while, rather than to put them straight into an album

oh i forgot i did also do a LO

i am seriously having so so much run playing with girly stuff- I love girly colours they are so much more fun !! And have even had fun playing with patty pans again :D

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