3 March 2010

A love canvas

I started this canvas while we were away on holidays, at the pelican shed (the place we stayed) they had some simple but effective canvases painted by the owner, and it inspired me to paint. Crazily enough i had planned to paint while we were there i had packed paint and brushes and at the last minute i forgot to put the canvases in the car, we did eventually find some in a cute newsagent and i started two paintings this was one of them. I wanted to make something for the bedroom that had just the right shade of red and i wanted to keep it simple. The background is silver and there is a whole heap of white glitter behind the words. When i got home i added the text- I LOVE YOU THIS MUCH! is something that is said in our house almost every day -one person then having to top the other.usually goes something like i love you as big as the sky, I love you as big as the universe. Or if Blake is saying it he usually just uses his fingers and just opens them- I love you this much.

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