26 March 2010

Shimelle's prompt 6 and Cute Caitlin

Yes I have skipped prompt 5, though I may get around to it sometime soon. Prompt 6 is all about stickers, I did manage to get a few on this page. The Photo is of my mum and her workmates some of them have known each other for over 20yrs. I don't know that i have made a big enough dent in my stash yet but i sure have made an attempt :) I had fun scrunching, distressing, inking, cutting and folding these flowers- there was paper all over my dining room table!!

This one is my little niece Caitlin and my SIL Shelley who both looked beautiful on Caitlin's First Birthday party. Caitlin's dress was a pretty pink colour which doesn't show up in the photo


Ali said...

Great flowers on the Lo about your mum and I like the shape of your second one.

So sad you won't be at the Escape - pfft who needs a garden - you'd have waaay more fun with us :) Holding you to next year though!

Nerrida said...

This layout looks terrific - love those flowers. Some people are just so good at mixing colours and you're one of them. Looking forward to seeing more of that garden...