8 April 2010

Today I made cupcake cases and i would like to share them with YOU!!

OK so I know I havnt been here for a little bit...But i did do much better over march - lets see how i go for April!
So today I was thinking about how they make some of those fancy cupcake cases and hmmmm do i think i could make some- they are just made out of paper..... And so I did and I am gonna show you how to make them. They are fairly easy but I did have to throw a few out before I got it right so...(warning very photo heavy- in fact photo FAT)
I have made quite small ones here, that would actually be better for some sort of chocolate or rum ball or something along those lines. First i cut a strip of 1 1/2 inches. I used the Dear Lizzy range because it is double sided so you get a pretty colour inside.
Next I used my punch to create a pretty edge which will be at the top of the cupcake case.
I would suggest that you score it now before you cut it just to make it easier...Then cut it into two pieces 4 1/2 inches long (this will make 2 cases)Then score it heheee. about 3/8ths of an inchFold it then unfold it- it is much easier to create the circle if it is unfolded
Then i used clag glue to glue them together coz i figure that it wont kill you if you eat a bit ;)and only paste to the second scallop and not onto the folded bit
Then stick it together- hold it for a bitYou can now cut into the folded section I cut every 3/4 of a cmNow fold in your little tabstill you make a circle

Punch out two circles paste one on the outside, right side facing outpaste one on the inside wrong side facing out and then....TA DAAAAHHH you have a teeny tiny cupcake caseThen you can make bigger ones. I don't have a 1 1/2 inch punch but i am thinking that that would be the perfect size for mini cupcakes. For the teeny ones I recon you get about 14 cases out of one piece of paper. TOO CUTE!!

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Julie said...

Awwww they are so cute Amie!
You clever chickie!