27 April 2010

fast asleep and hide and seek

After visiting mt barker on the weekend to do a little shopping Blake fell asleep in the car as we were turning up our street as we were unloading he woke up and came inside- everything was very quiet for a while until Paul realised that all Blake had done was walked inside and crashed on the floor, hee hee tooo cute! He doesn't usually nap during the day- he hasn't for quite a while now, when he does i find he has trouble going to sleep at night. But who could wake him with his bum up in the air like that??Today lukey decided to play hide and seek in between daddy's freshly ironed shirts and even let me take photos usually as soon as the camera comes out he runs away but not today! How cute is he!! Even his eyes are looking better, when he feels like not being so lazy with them and actually concentrates on something they are much better.

1 comment:

Nic Wood said...

He looks so cute sleeping like that!
What a cheeky little grin he is giving you in those other photos - he is a little cutie!

Nic xxx