23 April 2010

fatloss friday

Ok so I don't have good news, but i don't have bad news either. I didn't loose any weight. I am exactly the same weight. I did work out 3 times this week. I am gonna up that this week to 5. And i guess that i am gonna watch more closely what i am eating this week, i am gonna go back to keeping a food diary. That's the plan at this stage.

As for making stuff, there really hasn't been much making going on here in the last two weeks- I have lost my mojo a bit. Plus my little lukealicous has hit the terrible twos pretty hard in the last two weeks, last week i don't think he was feeling that good on top of that. And everyday last week from 4pm to 6pm he spent on the floor screaming his cute little head off. If only there was something that i could do for him but anything i did just made him scream more. Oh well he seems to be past the worst of it now and has been quite happy yesterday and today.

We have been spending quite a lot of time outside lately the weather here has be beautiful!! Sunshine and green grass after the last few rains. The boys have played happily without any toys just happy to look under rocks, look at the grass and bugs and just run around. It has been nice.

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