25 May 2010

Happy Birthday Pauly

Yes he is wearing a hungry jacks crown- Blake and i put on a birthday show for him and Paul played the part of the king (he only had to sit and watch though).
Yes that is a bought cake- naughty mummy didn't make him a cake, she was very busy and ran out of time and lied to Blake that i magically made it during the day, and made Paul buy it on the way home from work LOL!!
Yes he is gonna be embarrassed that i put this piccy of him on my blog but too bad ;P
Yes I think that Paul had the best birthday ever because we were all with him having fun!!
Happy Birthday Pauly
I love you more than all the stars in the sky, even though, anyway, always!
(even though it is cheesy)

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Ali said...

Hehee - great pic and sometimes (just sometimes) cheesy is good!