26 May 2010

The country and Cows

Yesterday on the way home Blake suddenly decided that he was busting to go to the toilet, since we are in the country the best thing to do is just pull over and let him go. There have been times when i have asked him to hold it and that has resulted in wet everything- not fun :P I wonder when this happens as cars a speeding by weather we are allowed to let him do this?? are there rules?? is it illegal?? LOL
ANYWAY, i talk too much, It is really beautiful out here and I am loving the scenery on our drives around the area. I had my camera on me this stop and when we got out of the car the cows in the paddock were particularly freaked out by us and to be honest i was FREAKED out by them. You see I discovered that cows have built up some kind of freaky ignoring power to cars driving by.....they don't look up they don't flinch they just keep eating the grass.....they are used to cars racing by. when we got out of the car these cows STOPPED eating STARED at us and I seriously thought they might just jump the fence and attack us !!!!! They freaked me out LOL


Ali said...

Ha! That's an electric fence I think you were safe (from the cows) just hope you didn't let Blake wee on it!! Good work having you camera on hand :)

Julie said...

I've just dropped in to say hi and see what you've been up to...loving all your crafty stuff Amie!
Sounds like you've settled in nicely to your new home!...cows and all! lol!