4 May 2010

I have made.....

Dear Mojo
Finally YOU'RE BACK, please mojo never leave me again. Life is terribly boring without you. Life just consists of the boring daily routine, and lots of cleaning for something to do.
You came back after a shopping trip to spotlight where I bought a pile of fabric and some other crafty bits and bobs, trust you to come back after emptying out my bank account just a little more. Oh well you are here and I hope you are here to stay for a while, guess i should show you what i have made...
This morning I made some soap cupcakes, yes they are soap. Better homes and gardens had an article about making soaps for mothers day, you were supposed to roll them into balls and then thread them onto pop sticks. The recipe is simple- 1/2 cup of soap flakes then a few drops of essential oils and food colouring then add some hot water until you get a soft dough like consistency.Then i just pushed them into a cupcake tray and rolled balls of the mixture for the top. Very easy I could definitely do this one with Blake.These will probably get wrapped up in cellophane and given out for nanny's on mothers day from the boys.Then I made this bag, but wasn't happy with the way it sat on my shoulder. My brother and SIL are having there 3rd baby this Thursday so I am thinking that this bag might be the gift bag for the baby's pressie.So then I made this one- Love it and I am in love with the fabric. I don't really make anything from a pattern, though i never make anything to complicated- so as you can see I ended up cutting this bag down the middle because it was too wide .I also made an apron (pinny), sorry it looks scrunchy It just came off of me and about the selfies- its tricky to take a photo of an apron that you are wearing. I guess that i need to learn how to use the self timer on my camera!

Thank you crafty mojo for coming back it is nice to see you

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