7 May 2010

yesterday I made...

Yesterday I felt like I had hit a road block, you see the night before I had sewed up another pj top for Blake from the Oliver + s pattern which i totally love and the last lot i made were super comfy Blake loved them (luke is now wearing them). ANY WAY in the morning i went to make the pants for him and found that i had no elastic. So I thought i would try a bit of scrapping only to find i had no photo paper so I couldn't print any photos. Then I thought I would go make some muffins only to find that i was all out of eggs. Paul had the car. ARRRRH stuck!!
Blake was at the dining room table singing as he was colouring in (sooooo cute) So off I went with some arting in my journal.I used paint, glimmer mist, some slice cutouts, scrap ware chip birdy and some text from a book.Check out Blake he was singing about colouring in in orange knowing full well he was colouring in blue lol.Then at 3.30pm we had the call My SIL had had her 3rd bubba, a girl and they have named her Ruby. So straight away I whipped up this card and two bibs that i will have to post tomorrow- forgot to photograph them.Then this morning i was looking for something else i could make for a bubba and came across this tutorial http://and-so-i-sew.blogspot.com/2010/04/nappy-wallet-tutorial.html I had been thinking of making up something similar for a while for my boys and had a very similar idea in mind so it was very easy to just take the measurements and go- it was basically what i had in mind. Perfect!

As you can see you can fit some nappies, wipes, nappy bags and whatever else you want.And it is a very easy tutorial to follow along with :)

I have made two more this afternoon, and a table runner and i will have to show you the bibs- tomorrow. YAY

Oh and as for fatloss Friday, I have lost another 900gms taking the total to 2kgs YAY hi five for me.


Nic Wood said...

The scrapware birdies are SO cute - I admire your persistance at finally finding something 'crafty' to do - you must have been ready to tear your hair out LOL
LOVE the card and nappy wallet - gorgeous fabric - lucky little Ruby!
Happy Mothers Day for tomorrow.
Nic xxx

Ali said...

Yep, impressive persistence and gorgeous creations - the card for Ruby is beautiful!