12 May 2010

Today I made... and a little bit of Ruby

Isn't this little bundle just too sweet! She just opened her eyes after her big brother Jacob was prodding and poking her lol.I never got around to photographing the bibs before i gave them to her, and I ended up giving her a cute cupcake nappy wallet (the fabric had cupcakes all over it) and matched the bibs. This nappy wallet is the third one I have made and has purple buttons instead of pink and also has that beautiful green fabric that i used for the bags inside. I think this one might be for sale. interested??
I finally finished Blakes Pjs, as soon as they were done her wanted to wear them - the very second they were finished :)

Little Lukey wanted to be a part of the photo taking, he is saying CHEEEEESE very loudly. heee hee.

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