10 June 2010

A LIttle Catch up

So I had been hoping to do a post a day for June but somehow life has kinda gotten in the way. I thought I would just do a little catch up of things that have been going on . I haven't had the cordy thingo to load up photos so that has kinda stopped me from blogging.

I have been making more of the nappy wraps, I think i have about six there now. I wasn't really happy with the pattern so i made up my own but the finished product looks very similar except when you look closely.

I have been making some little make up purses with slots in the back to put your brushes and lipsticks in. I am hoping to sell some of this stuff !

I have started a quilt using delicious and very girly Heather Bailey fabric and have only slowed down due to......

My sewing machine during all of this sewing has started missing stitches - Paul and i pulled it apart and he gave it a clean and put it back together. its working better now but still not great other wise i would have done WAY more sewing :)

So that whats been going on here.

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Ali said...

Good to hear from you Aimee was worried you'd disappeared down a rabbit hole. Hope you get your cord thingee back soon as I'd love to see your latest creations. My machine often misses stitches but I thought that was just because I have no idea how to use it. Luckily for me I only sew on paper so a missed stitch is no big deal. I hope you haven't given up scrapping completely in favour of sewing? Axx