2 July 2010

a bit of orange cake

Lately I have been reading a lot of blogs that arnt the crafty blogs that i would usually read. I have been reading a lot about living simply and a lot about gardening. We moved out here to live a more simple life and also i have a huge backyard that needs to be filled :) In the next few weeks i am going to attempt my first batch of handmade soap- even Paul is on board with this one, some things he is not so happy to change! Any way while looking for handmade soap recipes on the down to earth blog (btw Nicole has some beautiful handmade soap- check her out in my sidebar!) I found a simple recipe for a orange cake:

1 whole orange

3 eggs

180grms of melted butter

1 cup of white sugar

1 1/2 cups of SR flour

Put the whole orange in the food processor and process until fairly fine (you don't want big chunks left )

And the rest of the ingredients and buzz for 30sec

Bake for 40mins @ 180c

Simple right! I thought so....anyway Blake and i made it together and he loved putting a whole orange in the food processor. We baked it and it tasted delicious- Blake loved it, Paul even took some to work today. Only one problem when i got up to warm Luke's milk up in the microwave there was something in there that looked like custard. Yeah I forgot to put the butter in the cake!! So if you feel like omitting the butter i can safely tell you that it still works, and its non fat :P check out my orange cake

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Simon Scales said...

you need handmade soap out there....its like a 4 hour plane ride to the nearest store!!! happy making :) and get on facebook