2 September 2010

My list

Do you ever feel disabled? I feel this way so so often , sometimes I feel like it is just so hard to start. THERE IS JUST SO MUCH TO DO, there are so many things that I want to do that I physically cannot start and I become paralysed. On top of being with the kids and keeping the house running, the things that I actually want to do I find just so hard to do them- just to start! My children are fairly good at playing with each other and finding things to do most days so there is plenty of time to do the things I want to do, cos who really loves cleaning their house, and shock horror I don't enjoy playing trucks, cars, building, fixing, pirates and robots with my boys, I am a girly girl and i sit with my boys wishing that i were playing with Blythe dolls or my little pony or something like that- I love my boys don't get me wrong but seriously why did god have to give me REAL boys??

I thought I would write a little (or HUGE) list here of things that I hope to be doing and posting about here (blogging another thing i am paralysed to do- can you tell :P ) I especially want to be living a much more 'simple' life

I want to make much more:
All of the Christmas pressies- this is a whole list on its own, a list as long as my arm :)
All of the birthday pressies- I have at least 6 birthdays in our family in the next 1.5 months
clothes for the boys- I have really only attempted pjs at this stage
make car bags that go over the back of the seats for the boys
make some pretend felt food for the boys- they are both interested in cooking
Attempt making my own soap
make a real quilt- I might need to take a class or two to learn a few more techniques
Scrap more! way more
Take more photos- I have barley taken any in the last 6 months
Decorate the house without spending a fortune and with lots of handmade items
Sew more napkins
Sew chair covers for the dining room, the boys are constantly getting our chairs dirty

I want to create a working happy garden:
put up fences to keep the kids in
get a bob cat in to flatten out some areas
create a lawn area for play
put in a sandpit in for the boys to play in
Create beds for vegetables
grow our own vegetables
Begin composting
Plant lots of fruit trees
Build a chicken coup and have chickens
build a wood fired pizza oven

In the kitchen
preserve our fruits and vegetables
make jams and cordials
buy more organic food

Does that list seem long to you? Can you see that I don't know where to start?

Do you have a list?????

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Ali said...

If I had a list as long as yours I'd have a nervous breakdown. I make lists in head when I'm lying in bed. The things on my lists never get done but making them makes me feel like I'm doing something. But I like your list, it has lots of wonderful things on it. Why not just pick one random small thing and start with it? I like the sound of chooks :) Then again why not order a worm farm over the net and you'll be composting as soon as you unpack it - worms are fun and easy - great for kids and composting. No fences required :)