3 September 2010

Today I Made


I failed to mention that I have another large To Do during the next month. Now that we are finally in our new house and we have room for guests we have decided to have a birthday party for Luke's third birthday. I came across Jen Halls Tutorials (check her out in my sidebar) for her little girls fun circus theme party last weekend and I was inspired instantly. I usually use the kids photos some how on their invitations, but Jen definitely gave me the idea to 'dress him up' this time. Blake has been in on the idea from the start- I knew that I wouldn't be able to hide it from him and I knew I could use his help.
Today has been a very rainy and thundery, a perfect day for Threading! Blake loved making these patty pan and straw decorations he really wanted to hang them up as soon as they were finished

Tomorrow I will share the adult version of patty pan string decoration

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