18 October 2010

Today I made

I would say that I whipped this one up and that it was very quick and easy. It was easy but it sure wasn't quick. Blake and Luke were constantly interrupting me. They wanted apples, choccie, biccys, sandwiches, they wanted to get up, they wanted to get down, they fell over and needed huggles, they wanted me to sing songs, they were getting into things they shouldn't, they were fighting with each other, they were climbing on things- you get the picture- they were crazy!!! But last term Blake's lunch bag got all mouldy and as much as i cleaned it it just didn't look nice anymore so I decided to ditch it. I had been hoping to make one over the holidays but it just didn't happen and since Blake has kindy tomorrow he was very keen for me to make him a new one.
Hopefully it does the trick and if it gets a bit messy i can just throw it in the wash!

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