17 October 2010

Lukes Birthday Party

Luke had a wonderful Farmyard party. We had a hay bale photo booth, a huge box converted into a barn, galloping horses, lots of cow boys and cowgals, farmyard themed games, tractor cupcakes and even farm animals laying in grass jelly with a blue jelly sky! Luke was finally interested in opening pressies (this was a huge first for him and felt like a massive milestone- Luke has been slow of the mark compared to Blake who was a bull at a gate) and did lots of Ohhhing and Ahhhing.He sat and sang 'happy birthday' to himself and was super cute- can you tell and happy to share his birthday with three others. And Blake just loved getting into the cowboy theme! The kids ran around playing with guns (which i don't normally allow so was even more exciting) and galloping away on horses.
I didn't get quite as many piccys as i would have liked but we sure did have fun- the kids loved it which was what i was super happy about :)


Nic Wood said...

Looks like it was lots of fun! Happy Birthay Luke.

nic xxx

Ali said...

Sounds like my kind of party :) Love that pic of Luke clapping.