3 November 2010

My garden has flat spots :)

This week Paul is on holidays (a little birthday present to myself lol) and yesterday we hired the bobcat man to come and make us some happy flat spots.

He was here for about 6 hours and he got a stack done. He took over 16 tonne of rock away and he got about 3/4 done of what we were hoping to achieve. We are hoping to get him back for about 2 hours to do two small spots lower than the large part you can see in this photo. He also made two really great flat spots on the left hand side of the yard, only you cant see them past all of the tall grass.
I'm so happy that we are gonna have grass soon and a place for the boys to play. AND for my birthday Paul is going to buy me a puppy as soon as the fences go up, hopefully the fences will be up next week.YAY!!!

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Ali said...

Yay! So, nice to see the garden coming along :) What sort of puppy are you going to get?