12 November 2010

Some simple Sewing

Hi Everyone.
Hi Megan- So nice to see you here :)

Well Paul is still on holidays for a few days, so today we are gonna take the kids for a drive not sure where to but we will be heading in the direction of the Barossa. We live just on the borders of the Adelaide Hills and are in reality only about 10 minutes away from the Barossa region.
Anyway it just seemed to make sense to me to share some of the things that i have been making to make our lives a little simpler ( and a little more environmentally friendly) that we will be taking on our little road trip today.
I have made about six of these napkins/place mats they look totally cute all set up on the table with the kids cutlery and plates and they are great because once the boys are finished there meal you can simply use them to wipe there faces and hands and throw them in the wash!Also I have been wanting to make these forever! Some Coffee Cup Cozy's. I found a tutorial over on House on Hill road(in my sidebar). They are super simple to make and look cute to boot. Although I am not totally happy with the way it sits on my travel mug so i may make up my own pattern sometime soon.We have also been using these snack pouches a lot I made these ones super simple, just a square shape with some Velcro running across the top. These just get thrown in the wash too which means that while i am waiting for them to go through the wash i end up using plastic again, I really need to make more of them and would love to make some in the fabric that I have used for the cup cozy :) So there you have it thats what we will be taking with us today :)

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Nic Wood said...

Your snack pouches are super cute! They are on my (extremely long!) to do list! Love your coffee cosie and placemats too - great idea!

Nic xxx