4 December 2010

The First Crafty Day of Christmas

I made some lipstick holders for Blake's kindy teachers :)
I did try to make these in a box kinda shape, it just got far too fiddly. I also considered sewing up some fabric but I think that may have been a bit tricky with how little these lippy holders are.
Felt was the way to go! These were super simple to make they really are just a tube of felt sewn with blanket stitch at the front a circle on the bottom and a flap that comes over the top. They have a little Velcro on the inside to hold the flap down.I did consider adding a piece of ribbon so they would be easy to find when they are floating around in your bag but i wasn't quite sure where to put it.
There is going to be a few more of these made, I have some family that would like them.
Once I have made a few I think Ill choose the best ones to give to kindy teachers... some button buying might be in order for today :)

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Nic Wood said...

Great idea, they are gorgeous - this is so the perfect pressie for margot!!!!