6 December 2010

On the Second Crafty Day.....

Do you have some card stock, a Christmas stamp and some kitchen string lying around your house. I bet you do! Yesterday I whipped up some Chrissy tags for gifts and they were so simple to make, saved me money (since i already had everything i needed in my craft stash) and they match the colours that i am doing this year.
Check it out I'm doing PINK and silver this year!!!! I'm not sure if i mentioned it here but when Paul was on holidays I painted the nook in our living room a pink colour and now I have put the Chrissy tree in front of the nook it looks sooooo pretty. Don't worry though I had SO many Christmas decorations that were gold and red with a bit of green and blue that Paul went a bought another tree (since trees are so cheap these days) that has gone in our bay window for passing cars to see- so he still got his traditional tree and I got to have a tree in the bay window, just like i always wanted. Anyway.......I also wrapped the very first pressie :)
I have written names and a note on the back of the tags. Love them!


Nic Wood said...

THey lok great! IM doing my own tags this year as well! LOVE the pink & silver tree, very pretty, and such a nice girly touch fro you!

Nic xxx

Ali said...

Beautiful but where is your Christmas banner - I've updated mine with Chrissy pics :)