10 January 2011

Finding Balance This year

I thought I would share with you
a few of the ways that I am thinking about finding balance this year.

2011 A year to find Balance in my Life

*More Meditating and less worrying and stressing = a clear mind
I do worry about things quite a lot and most of the time it is unnecessary! I need to let go of
a lot of my fears.
*More exercise and yoga and less slothing = an energized body
I am looking forward to walking again, Alice will get her injections very soon and that will mean that I can start walking her and I am going to pull my elliptical trainer back out of the garage. I find that not only does my body feel better after Ive exercised my mind is clearer- I need to remind myself of this when I don't really feel like doing it.
*More organized cleaning and less time dilly dallying = more activities with the boys
I have been spending more time with the boys.We do have a routine during the day and I have decided that at 10:30 it is activity time, which gives me enough time in the morning to get done some jobs so that i am happy enough to sit down and do something together.
*More time doing activities with Paul and less computer and TV time = happier relationships
Paul and I in the last part of the year really cut down the amount of TV we watch at night time( Paul became the electricity killer making us turn everything off because our electricity bill was through the roof, we are getting solar in the beginning of the year...one more step to the simple life) , there are some nights when we are both just too tired and want to flop for a while but by not watching so much we have spent more time together and that has been really nice.
*More time blogging and less time looking at blogs= a happy place to go
I tend to spend a bit of time each day looking at my favs then doing a little blog hopping. I really want to spend more of that time here.
*More time outside in the garden and less time inside= a beautiful garden for the boys and I
I am really looking forward to this but...... there are still some major things that need to happen before I can get to planting. I need to get Mr Bob Cat back and I need to bring soil in and possibly some gravel etc. Also the summer here is a little hot and dry so I am trying to be prepared for Autumn when we will get some rain too.
*Less time thinking and more time doing.
I spend a lot of time thinking about all the things I could make while I am cleaning and tidying up but I never get half of the things made that I would like to. So I guess this one comes down to more time making.

Paul will be going to have major surgery on his knee sometime soon( we find out on Wednesday) this isn't the first time, in fact if he wasn't too young I think he would be looking at a knee replacement. I am a little worried about my routine while he is home. I tend to get quite distracted by him and he will need lots of mental stimulation while he is at home for 6 weeks not able to do too much. HA I might have to organize an activity for him at 10:30 too LOL!

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