13 January 2011

This week I made: a diary

This week I decided that rather than waiting any longer to buy this years diary I would make one. AND I made it the simplest way that I could. 1st I took a sheet from this binder diary and traced on an a4 sheet of paper where the holes needed to go. Then in pencil I drew up a page to a week just how I like it. Once I had it how I wanted it I went over it in black pen then drew in some cute pictures.
My printer is also a colour photo copier so I copied the page back to back 26 times, chopped it in half, punched holes in the pages and YAY I have my own personalised diary that I can colour (yes every week has those pictures on them)!This was such a quick little project and cost nothing!
Yes I made my diary but do you think I could go past this calendar when I saw it??
Its pink and crafty!!! :)
It only just won over a vegie patch calender which would have been very useful :)

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