4 January 2011

Fried Eggs

For Christmas I gave Luke some felt Ikea food. Blake and Luke have been pretending to cook it all up, making soups and salads since all the food is vegetables. Blake has requested for his birthday that i make him some more felt food, I already had a really cute felty sandwich tutorial from Myrtle and Eunice (I will put there site in the sidebar) that has been sitting here all ready to be sewn up for quite some time. Then last night I came across a tutorial for a fried egg over at crow rooster crow (tutorial in the side bar) and being that it was so simple I went ahead and whipped one up. I didn't follow the instructions so I don't have a perfect circle egg.
I love these eggs I will be making some bacon or some meat patties or even sausages to go with them!
I did find that the second egg I made was better with the flat wadding stuff ( cant for the life of me think of the name of it grrrr) rather than stuffing, the stuffing was a little bumpy. I guess you could use an old piece of a jumper or something as the inside- something flat with a little thickness :) does that make sense??

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