3 January 2011

Today I made: boys skull arm bands

Today Blake and I have been doing some simple hand sewing. Paul was back to work today, he had his public holiday on Friday and had last week off, so I have had a very lazy unproductive but happy week- but am glad to be getting back into my routine, it truly is amazing how much i rely and like my daily routine without it i get nothing done at all! It is Blake's 5th birthday on the 16th but all of Paul's family are working so we are having a small family party for him this weekend. On his birthday my mum and brothers family will come up. Anyway Blake decided that he wanted a pirate theme kinda party (which will go down well with my two nephews) and
since I only have a week to organize i am gonna keep it pretty simple. So today Blake and I made some arm bands to go in the loot bags (? is that what you call them) since my nephews don't do lollies , one doesn't like them and the other doesn't eat LOL! I thought it would be cool for Blake to make his own that he could wear today and suggested that he make a super hero band with buttons on it.
Check it out he sewed it himself- super cute and though it probably wont hold up to his rough and tumble play I think its so fun! We did try to glue the pieces on but that didn't work, although we were using pva may be if we used a fabric type glue it may have been better.I whipped up a few simple ones. I hope the boys like them!I am hoping this week to also sew a scull onto one of Blake's tops for the day and onto some chair covers too :)

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