22 February 2011

Happy Giveaway Day- 200

So I really haven't talked about this here but since this is my 200th post I thought it might be a nice treat!
I am a Natures Gold consultant, really I am just starting out and I would really like to get into it a little more this year. The ONLY reason that I have become a consultant is that I LOVE the product and really believe in it. I worry about what I am putting on my skin and face ( I get irritated easily) and also worry about what I put down my drains because it ends up on my garden. Natures Gold is the perfect solution! You can check them out in my side bar :)
The Product that I hope to give away is the Fantastic Therapeutic Skin Cream 50gm jar normally retails at $19.80. It contains Manuka honey which has some amazing healing properties, this cream is fantastic for eczema and dermatitis, sun and wind burn, insect bites and stings, cracked heels, cuts and scratches, minor burns and scolds, Nappy rash and so many other skin irritations. Personally I have had great results with cracked heels, sunburn, nappy rash and insect bites (Blake loves putting it on any bites he gets and they are usually amazingly gone in 30mins after applying this cream) and it is just a fantastic moisturiser. So if you would like to score yourself a treat or you are just one of the lovely people who leave comments here regularly (love you guys, please leave a comment it would be my way of thanking you for stopping over here!! thanks so much !!!) leave a comment and/or become a follower and I will draw a winner on Sunday Afternoon.
And don't worry this blog isn't going to be all about natures gold, back to crafting tomorrow!


Nic Wood said...

looks lovely, how can I resist entering!
Congrats on 200 posts!

Nic xxx

buzzee bee said...

Yay 200 posts, congratulations Mamie. Well done.

Julie said...

Your 200th post??...that's fantastic Amie!! Keep them coming!...love reading what you've been up to!