1 February 2011

A Little Lino

Back when I went to art school (i majored in ceramics- will have to show you some sometime) I did a lino printing class. As I'm sure you can tell from my blog I am far more crafty than I am arty and believe me there is a HUGE difference ( i found out the hard way). Anyways today I thought it might be fun to make some 'stamps' for cards or whatever. If you have never done lino printing it is super easy!
All you need is some lino this was 6x6 inch some cutting tools, a roller and some lino ink!
You can draw strait on to the lino or even use carbon paper to put your design onto the lino. Lino is much easier to cut when it is warm so you can leave it in a sunny spot for a few minutes it will be much easier to cut- I didn't worry about this today it was so warm here anyway.
When you are finished cutting you ink up your lino and place paper on top, burnish a little and then peel the paper off.
Hey presto you have a fun design to print onto cards!

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buzzee bee said...

Clever little mamie, I love them both, but especially the cupcake one mmmmm cake, sorry i got distracted a bit there. I did this at art in high school and it was my favourite thing. lovely aaaahhh.