18 April 2011

Holiday Fun

I have organised a few crafty things for Blake to do these Easter holidays. Just so that he has something to do on the days that we are home. He is super excited about this and wants to do them all at once of course :P So today we decided that he would paint these puzzles that I picked up at the cheap shop. He was having a lovely time painting away buy himself, I always try to give him just a few colours at a time so that if they mix together they are not gonna make a horrible yucky mud brown. So he had some blues and greens. When I went to check on him all of the puzzles looked like they had backgrounds on them. So I sat down with him gave him a few more colours and together we painted 'on top'.
This is a picture of me apparently :DAnd this one is his spotty Easter eggs.It took him a couple of hours painting away quietly and once they are dry he will be able to pull them apart and loose all the pieces lol.

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Simon Scales said...

lots of stuff on here lately homies!! have to make sure i stop being so damn busy and check it out more!! hey is your camera a 550D??