4 May 2011

Today I Made

Last week I finally took a brave step and made my own bias tape and made this little Kettle mat. I have never used bias tape before and have been so scared of it. You should have seen how proud I was when I finished this one!! I have made this into a little Tea and Coffee station as I was sick and tired of walking back and forth when we make tea. I moved everything for the photo so you could see the mat.
It is my little niece's birthday this Friday and she needs no clothes or toys. Once I had finished my little mat I decided that Ruby's birthday would be the perfect opportunity to sew up a smallish quilt now that i can do the edging and all :) So this is my very first (properish) quilt:
I have just finished top stitching it and just have to put the edge on and I will be done. If I get time I may applique her name on it or something pretty :)

Just also thought I would mention that because I find balance in structure and find things easier when they are organised I am giving each day a header to blog about:
Monday- One Happy Thing
Tuesday- On My Table
Wednesday- Today I made
Thursday-On my plate or From My Garden
Friday- One Grateful Thing

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