30 June 2011

A note

Recently I have started a few things and I would like to share them here.

1. I started a 30 day experiment: going no poo (no shampoo- or conditioner) I am probably 3/4 of the way through and am never turning back. I am using bicarb and vinegar solutions about 1 or twice a week. I have noticed a huge difference in my hair it is not as oily as i thought it would be and my curls have improved dramatically! I did have one slip up one day when i was sick I was feeling yuck and so washed my hair and I can say that i regretted it!!!! The smell was SO strong and my hair wasn't nice anymore.

2.I put myself on a self imposed (30 day)spending freeze....But Paul is holding me accountable, which means that I had to start again cause i was naughty :P If I am naughty again I have to start again and next time it will go up to 60 days :O!! I am doing this for a few reasons: I want to save, I was spending far too often and really needed to put a stop to it and I have found that I am so much more creative when I have limited funds, I use what I have more and I have more ideas.

3. I have started a journal! It is a once a day journal and it is just to record one snippet from our day( you could do one sentence a day but I found that a sentence isn't quite enough to record something nice from our day), a great way to remember the good things that happen in a day. I have to say that I am really enjoying this and am so glad I started. Already I am looking back and thinking 'oh yeah that was really nice'. Also its the kind of journal that the boys can look at or Paul can look at, it has already started many nice conversations with Paul, since hes not here all the time, which is really nice for both of us.

This brings me to why I wanted to share all this here I have never in this blogs history posted here once a day for even a short space in time, I really want to ! So I am going to stop worrying about what I post, I worry that its not crafty etc and for all of July I am going to post EVERY DAY. Its gonna be one crazy month- Paul's work is shut down for maintenance, which is his most full on time of year. My mum who is my biggest support is off on an amazing overseas Holiday for the month and the boys will be on school holidays. So lots of fun to be had!! But I am really looking forward to adding another 30 days!

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