1 July 2011

A Weeks Worth (day one)

One Happy Thing :
Tulips, arnt they so pretty. Oh it makes me happy to have flowers around especially since its so cold and wintery round here. On My table:
This is in a corner of my crafty room, gotta sew some things from these books.

Today I Made:

Butterfly polka dotty wands- why cant i get a good piccy of these??

From My Garden:

Finally we are getting somewhere. Last weekend we put down some gravel paths and made two garden beds. We have a looooonnng way to go but at least we have finally made a start and it feels real good.

One Grateful thing:

Living out here! Happy that my 15min drive to pick Blake up from school has beautiful scenery and I don't have to look at concrete jungles anymore!!!

Ahhhh now I feel all caught up :)

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